Worn out

A stressful, hectic day at the Wilson Gallery preparing our assessment exhibition yesterday. Followed by teaching piano- one student had made amazing progress and is demonstrating such musicality, it’s a joy… and then community choir rehearsal. Disappointing not quite so many people there, although the weather was diabolical- was tail-gated by a Sainsburys van on the A38 on the way home- could hardly see because of the rain, and the wind buffeting the car- so did some left foot breaking to try and put him off. Should I report it…?  Shattered but still work to do- to come up with some titles for my work in the show. I’d already thought of one, but had been deliberately putting off a couple as it’s that commitment thing that I shy away from…  but did it, woke up this morning as if hadn’t slept at all! Black forest chocolate brownies in oven right now to sustain us after crit this afternoon, as we have to plan private view and our MA residency at Meantime in March. No rest for the wicked….


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