I felt so fed up angry and stressed by this afternoon.

I don’t feel totally comfortable in the space we’re doing our residency in, I was saddened that one of my students who had been making really good progress, has given up piano- having lost interest recently (this seems to be a common problem for people taking 11+ exams- why do they give up on all their hobbies and interests? Is it the stress of taking the exam, is it teenage hormones kicking in…?)  my relaxed holiday mind has been replaced by “normal” anxiety ridden persona so I went and bought a load of cheap acrylic paints (thanks to The Works) in reds, bronze and black as well as some more extender and I’m going to throw it at a large canvas tomorrow morning (literally- going to mix paint in pots and tip and throw it….) and then set fire to it, using some of the pages from the dictionary I’ve been working from. I hope that the physicality of the actions will make me feel a whole lot better…. and will have it to exhibit at my show in the horsebox on 15/16 March….


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