new art project: can you help me?

A neighbour a while back gave me a bag of old rusty Kilner jars. They’ve been sitting around and I’ve not known quite what to do with them. Till now.

I want to have people collect the detritus of their everyday lives and pop the garbage in a jar. I’ll “preserve” it by covering the items in resin, so allowing the rubbish that fills our lives a new sense of presence and value.

I’m hoping to exhibit the jars in the future. When I run out of the old Kilner jars (I’ll have to buy new flat lids as I only have the appealingly rusty screw seals) I’ll look out for old jam jars, other Kilner jars and Mason jars that can be used. I really don’t want brand new things- the whole point is to use the old, the discarded, the unloved.

If you would like to partipiate in this project I’d love to have you on board! I would like to have all ages, all different lifestyles, interests etc represented by the jars.

If you would like a jar sent to you, i can do this- or else you can just collect in your own jar, or even just a jiffy bag or envelope and then send it to me. contact me via FB or Twitter if you want contact details. @Time2learnPiano,  or on FB search timetolearnpiano. ttolp


thanks for your help in this project!





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