Preserved is cooking

I am fortunate that so many people are interested in this new collaborative project. We just need to turn interest into stuff to preserve in the jam jars and preserving jars I am collecting! I’d dearly love a fabulous mixture of ages, interests and even parts of the globe so that it becomes a real melting pot of the insignificance of the every day set for ever in the pantry cupboard. If you can help, or know of someone who might like to contribute, please do contact me!


Fantastic news

I’ve arranged to hold a solo exhibition at Woodruffs Cafe in Stroud, from June to July 2015. Although this feels like a long way off, I know how fast time passes….

In the meantime, Alison Kirby is busy with her residency at The Gallery at the End of the Lane. Please see my blog ( to find out more about it. As soon as we know exhibition/viewing dates I’ll put them up on the news section.

My Preserved collaborative project is getting under way. I’ve now listed it on the website so really hope to get a multitude of responses.