good news

Held, my glass and plaster piece of my hand, has been accepted by the Atkinson Gallery, in Street, Somerset, for a postgraduate exhibition being held in February/March this year. It’s exciting to have this experimental piece recognised in such an exhibition, with work from post-grad art students from all over the UK.

My glass kiln has arrived- been set up but need to do final tinkering before actually firing anything. I have lots of ideas for projects to work on and experiments to make so will be uploading soon! I did have fun at the landscapes and seascapes course at Warm Glass in December as well. Lots of new ways of creating with glass…. next workshop is in January.10406508_591580950974762_181159187782005655_n 10712862_586452191487638_1779622263745589128_n 10445128_586589298140594_6660996629953165777_n 10885454_591581070974750_5893596093850170677_n 63756_586452354820955_5390948160679821007_n 10456074_586452151487642_2056977756263069417_n 10885248_586452038154320_6860076649750057914_n

In the meantime, been busy making bread with my freegled old bread tins. Love the way Prewetts shows through the lining paper (the tins are just too old to bake straight into them…) Upload in due course….And my not New Year’s Eve chocolade roulade went down a storm too…. we celebrated with friends a day early followed by celebrating with our neighbours last night. I wonder what Whistler would have thought of the fireworks? I adore them and would love to do them justice in some kind of art form one day….


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