helping or hindering?

I went into college today, I thought, to have a tutorial on my dissertation. However, things, as often happens, didn’t quite turn out as expected. But being a lover of serendipity, it wasn’t going to stop me getting something good out of the experience.

The 1st year MA students were busy planning their end of first semester exhibition in the Hardwicke Gallery at University of Gloucestershire today, with our course tutor, Katie Pratt. I asked them if they wanted a bit of help from me and they said yes- must have been wondering afterwards if that was such a good idea… I do get driven mad by people saying they don’t mind. If it’s your work and you’re showing it, you need to have commitment, passion, a desire to show it in its best light. So I hope I managed to help the process by perhaps pushing a few buttons, saying some challenging things, and generally stirring, and being really annoying about 1/3 , 2/3 golden sections and breaking rules… (you can imagine!)

 The space has its issues- a dividing fold back wall that cannot have fixings mounted on it (blue tack is ok!),- why was such a surface chosen for a gallery in an art school?- not enough space, poor lighting and some very visable lines where the boarded walls have not been joined properly. All set to challenge, but all able to be overcome. Excellent practice for the real world of unsatisfactory exhibition spaces. The show is going to be excellent though- a wide variety of styles, techniques, dimensions and materials make for an exciting show.

I was very relieved though that the 2nd years weren’t showing at the same time- the issues of space have not been resolved by the extension built in the summer. Fortunately there are only four people in the first year, but if the intake is increased next year, things will have to change in terms of finding space to exhibit.

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