A empty kind of day- and pleasure comes at price

I found my way to my first mindfulness session today. Studying a raisin wasn’t too challenging as to me it was as if I was exploring a map, the landing of Philae on Comet 67P (as a wanabe astronomer at the age of seven, I am still overwhelmed and fascinated by what’s going on out there… next life perhaps..?) or had created a very lumpy texture in acrylic medium that then was filled with drippings of slightly iridescent paint. I could easily take myself for a walk in this weird landscape. Then proceeded to snore to myself (even though I was awake- how does that work?) in the exercise we did at the end… I think it’s going to be a good course, will help me focus on the things that matter and will make every day life more bearable.

Dropping in on Music Dynamics, the music shop in Stroud, hunting for music for my piano students, and wanting to order some music for the community choir, I had a lovely chat with Gabriel about the joys of opera (he’s a Handel man) and he recommended I check out Rene Pape, the German Bass, from Dresden.

Just listened to him on You-tube and he is good. Really good. In fact he has taken over from Fischer-Dieskau as my all time hero. (I saw F-D sing when I was a teenager and had my mind blown by the ravishing voice and expressive qualities. Don’t think I had recovered till now!) It’s interesting how men go for women’s voices -Gabriel reckoned that Pape was the only man he really liked listening to- whereas I adore male voices and am really picky about women’s voices. I find it hard to find women’s voices that I adore, that I would aspire to,that truly move me, whereas men’s somehow I find that much more attractive, desirable, interesting, musically subtle, all engrossing. Is it a sex and gender issue? Bottom line is I’m going to have to find some recordings to listen to.

And I’m going to have to find some more opera to book up to see- I need to have it to look forward to. Gareth Malone, however much I love what he does, is just not the same. Sorry, Gareth, I’m really looking forward to seeing you (yes, tickets booked for December 2015- crazy, and exhorbitant !) but I need more. I’m going to need to set up an opera savings scheme to fund the habit….


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