Atkinson Gallery exhibition

I had taken my good camera down to Somerset to record the installation shots of Held. There’s something wrong with the charger- despite getting a new bettery it clearly isn’t the battery at fault so I had to resort to my camera phone. Sorry. I wasn’t convinced by how it was displayed- definitely not what I’d suggested as a method of showing it. But it still gives goosebumps seeing your work with others,  and of such a high standard.  I feel very privileged to have shown here.

I took photos of Lynda Whitehouse’s work Meantime (three pinhole camera pieces)- Lynda is on my MFA course-  as well as the ceramic community art project and beautiful sculpture which included dead mouse, my kind of thing!

The gallery is beautiful- modernist in style, elegant and clean. I’d love to show some more work here.

IMG_20150228_124830 IMG_20150228_124837 IMG_20150228_124854 IMG_20150228_124939 IMG_20150228_124957 IMG_20150228_125007 IMG_20150228_125019 IMG_20150228_125037 IMG_20150228_125111


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