what is it with fish?

I’m working on my fish incident project which forms part of my dissertation as well as inspiring art works. I’ve come to realise that fish incidents form a running theme throughout my life, from childhood, to now, and am exploring it through text, installation, making, cooking and situations. More to follow as I’m working to a tight deadline at present!

I love the way an incident has that ring of something not quite correct, right, perhaps even with a tinge of danger…. it harks back to those Enid Blyton books that I really didn’t like reading as they were so clearly “not true” but also to the turn of the century thrillers and detective novels I loved to curl up with and read when I was too “sick” to go to school. (reading was so much more interesting…) John Buchannan- and the 39 steps and Prester John, Sherlock Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey- old hard back books of my parents, a slight whiff of mould and foxed pages adding to the slight edginess.

Even now I love those stories, the characters, the fleetness of thought and the stylishness of it all. To catch a glimpse of the modernist style house near North Nibley, where part of the last Sherlock series was filmed, as I drive along the country lane, allows me to feel somehow connected; that brush with the incidental, the serendipitous, brings me full circle.


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