community arts in action

The summer concert, teas and celebration of sharing music took place today at Coaley Village Hall. Time to Learn Piano (ie me!) has taken over looking after the Chappell piano at the hall- so it’s had a total refit, revamp and tuning, fixing and even a key found for the lock.

Today’s concert was about raising money to help pay for the refit, to raise money for SHAPE Africa, which is a small charity that works in rural Uganda. At present we’re raising money for the building of a small health centre, so mothers can take their children to be vaccinated, simple health issues can be treated and the quality of life for the villagers in the area can be improved. The final share of the fundraising is to go to Parkinsons UK.

So many people made the most delicious cakes, everyone who played and sang performed to their very best- and so many friends and family supported them and experienced the joy that music can give. I’m sure that everyone was surprised at the standard of the Skylarks Choir who has gone from strength to strength this year. Singing 3 part unaccompanied gospel songs, staying in tune and sounds brilliant, takes some doing!

The whole afternoon was an example of community art- the sharing of good times, food, company and music.


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