Private View, Bee Box, The Chapel, Forbury Chase, Bromyard

bee box

A very short time before Sylvia Plath took her own life, in October 1962, she wrote the iconic poem, “Arrival of the Bee Box”. This difficult poem which carries so many undercurrents of her psychological trauma, speaks of destruction of nature, of humanity and the pressure to conform, to fit in the box, resonates as much now as it did when it was originally written.

In an intimate but dynamic pop-up exhibition, 10 artists respond to that poem using a multitude of methods, including film, textiles, use of found objects, painting and photography.

The Chapel
2 Forbury Chase, HR74DL Bromyard

The exhibition is open, Saturday 17th – Sunday 25th October 2015 daily, 11am – 5 pm with pop up café.

It’s a long way to drive, but well worth it! The intimate surroundings of the sensitively converted chapel to a family home, and then reconverted as a pop-up gallery, create a powerful, domestic environment within which to take in the many expressive responses to the poem. The film by June Tudge which both visually and sonically built up the sound of furious bees to breaking point, was particularly effective (and deeply troubling for the writer, who is somewhat phobic of as well as allergic to bees!) as was Sue Cridland’s beautiful rendition in textiles of patterns of movement, the tension of stitches reflecting the tension of insects crammed into a confined space and the pressure for individuals to fit into society’s allocated space.

The challenging art works have set up a stimulating challenge for the ten writers’ responses to the exhibition, which will be taking place at The Chapel in February, 2016, date to be confirmed.


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