That whole magic thing I was talking about a couple of days ago….

Not sure how this came up in my rambles on line… but it did. You know it’s not a new thing, browsing. When I was a kid I used to sit on a stool next to my dad’s set of Encyclopaedia Britannica (which he had purchased with the money left over from his scholarship to Cambridge) and pull out a volume, start reading, then pull another out as I was referred to something else. Hours could (and did) pass by. So if you wonder why I know stuff (and am interested in stuff)… And it was a lot more work putting them all away again afterwards, than just shutting down the computer!

“1. Magic is everywhere

Most people think of magic as the kind of hoodoo voodoo spell-casting stuff that consigns your ex-boss to a lifetime of boils which, to me, is rather missing the point. Magic is everywhere: you just need to look for it. That dandelion that managed to take root in a crack in the pavement is magic. As is the sunset soliloquy of your local blackbird (watching a previously deaf woman’s reaction to hearing birdsong for the first time on Springwatch this year is proof of that). In truth, the fact that you woke up today is magic. Even more so if you had six pints last night.

My point? If you attune yourself to these little everyday ‘magic moments’ your life is instantly enriched because they give you true perspective. We’re often told to look at the bigger picture when searching for answers. In reality, it’s often the little picture that’s most illuminating. ”

Telegraph Thinking Man
By Lee Kynaston

20 June 2014


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