Bristol Blues

blue angles

blue graffitti

blue house

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bristol Blue, the beautiful glass that has been made in the city for centuries. There was an antique shop in Lensfield Road, Cambridge, I used to walk past when I went to the corner shop (I lived in what was often a soap opera between Coronation Street and Brookside, when I was doing my PGCE). I use to gaze in the window at the serried ranks of glass, ruby red, Bristol blue and an amazing emerald green, and the clear glass of the Georgian glasses with brandysnap stems and double helix innards. How I wish I’d invested then in some of them, as they really weren’t expensive, and they gave me so much pleasure. Of course, since then, I’ve actually used glass in fused glass and now am learning about stained glass. Everything comes round eventually….


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