permission to paint

Once again Friday has come round again and it’s time for meditative art at Studio 5. (I don’t know how to reverse typeface- those of you who have visited the studio, will have surely noticed the number 5 back to front. How did Nigel, my landlord, know before he met me, how much I enjoy that kind of thing?)

It was quite an emotional session today- and really demonstrated the power of coming together and sharing both the creative experience and the space to talk, when that is what is required. And as you can see from the results, they are quite remarkable, both in their artistic flair and their complete originality. It’s hard to credit that they all came from the same initial impetus.

For me, this is what makes art so special- all arts. Music, drama, writing, any kind of creative art, however much we learn, we share ideas, we take on new skills, new media, everyone’s personal DNA of individuality and creativity comes through.

It’s what keeps me going, and it’s what keeps me wanting to learn and explore and experiment. And most of all, it’s what makes it good to share in the experience and help others discover for themselves.

Please note there is no art workshop next week- if you want to attend the mindfulness session in central Stroud please contact me for details. I’m on a glass course the following week so the next art session will be on 27th November. However if you are keen for your fix, I can fit in a session 12.30-3pm on Wednesday 18th November. Please let me know if you’d like to attend- 18th and/ or 27th.


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