Meditative Art Workshop at Artists’ Workhouse, Studley

This was my first workshop specifically for artists, and therefore it was with some trepidation I drove up to the old needle factory, near Redditch. Even though I know some of the artists, it’s one thing giving a friendly crit, another standing in front of them and directing operations…

Once again my nerves went into unnecessary overdrive.

We had a wonderful time, first of all making doodles on Zentangle cards, then collaborative doodles, where after one minute the card was passed on for the next person to work on. Even those who said they were not remotely interested in or able to do collaborative work thought it was a great experience, relaxing, enjoyable, challenging… as the card is filled with design, the decision making becomes harder, what to add, what to draw on top of, what to enhance, what to leave….

These are all decisions artists make every day, but when you’re working on someone else’s prior creation, the responsibility can seem greater. It is all credit to everyone that they didn’t get fazed and made some truly beautiful work, which we hope will be on show at Artists’ Workhouse in due course.

The final part of the workshop was monoprinting, adding Chine-collé, additional paper, to add texture, colour and variety. Once again, the fascination for me was that everyone had the same materials and the results were as varied and dynamic as the group!

The plan is to continue these workshops at Studley, as a series commencing in the New Year. I’m really looking forward to continuing them and seeing what this group of artists produce next….


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