Another Friday workshop


The view down at the canal behind my studio… phone ran out of battery (again) so I’ll take some more next time. The wall is brand new- and there are some very aesthetically pleasing lines of drainage pipe along it which I’ll get some close ups of next time.

The lock is being completely rebuilt- once it is working it will be much easier for the sections of the canal either side to be cleared. Currently they are totally overgrown- the frogs, toads and newts must have a lifetime of field days there! Yesterday there were mallards and moorhens nosing around in the shallow water and quantities of water reed.  Also overgrown are all the trees, their criss-cross twisted patterns of almost leafless twigs writhed and danced across the deepening grey sky that soon flooded the already muddy ground. (my boots are filthy now.)

I got the students to take clipboards and scrap paper, pens and pencils and do some sketching of anything that caught their eye- and take photos too.

Then back to the studio (real coffee – I’m pushing the boat out, or perhaps admitting I have a problem…) and the ubiquitous home made flapjacks- laiden with various seeds this time.


And then some fabulous work. Marion kept working on her wonderful painting which she has spent 5 Fridays working on. It is finally finished. I will spend a little time next week seeing if I can organise for the students to have an exhibition of their work next year, perhaps at a local cafe, as I really think others should see what exciting work they are making in the classes. Marion’s is a prime example of this!


Helen started work on a really interesting painting project, based on the (limited!) sun through the branches. I’m going to take in some gold leaf next week so she can add some exciting (Klimt inspired?) effects.


And then the other students used  mono-printing with a variety of waterbased professional relief printing inks and Chinecollé  (using paper which is fixed to the ground during the printing process), inspired by the sketches, and what they’d seen by the canal.


A truly beautiful set of prints.


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