time for tea

This project dates back to when I was studying at Stroud College. Time for Tea was one of the first food inspired installations I prepared- it included the scent of overly sweet sugar and icing on a cake which had been sprayed with gold edible paint, bling and sickening at the same time. The colours were chosen to be pretty and pastelled- Cath Kidston was very in at the time (is she ever not?) but this was a social commentary on all that isn’t pretty and fine in the reality of relationships. I was partly inspired by the many years of work I had undertaken as a family lawyer- at one time I was called the injunction queen as I was in court most days trying to get protection for victims of domestic violence. I worked with local refuges, experienced the pain of clients being in intensive care, one dying and one committing suicide. Yet so much of what goes on behind closed doors is still unspoken.

This work pays homage to all those who suffer in silence, who try to make relationships work when they are abusive and destructive and those who are brave enough to take the tough steps to extricate themselves.

Stacy Field took most of these photographs- for which I’m really grateful!


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