Vorsprung durch Technickers- Hardwick Gallery

Exhibition 9-18 December 10am-4pm Hardwick Gallery University of Gloucestershire


First of all I’m going to apologise for the terrible quality of the photographs. My mobile is in the process of dying, and this is the result. If I believed in Santa, perhaps she’d get me a new one, but I guess I’ll just have to buy one myself!

Having spent 2 years at the university and picked the brains of various technicians over that period, it is good, for once, to see them as artists in their own right and not just there to help the students.


Lisa Lavery taught us how to work with cyanotypes as well as film photography- her images are always fresh and vivid, and make you look at the everyday in  a new light. Her photogram of a fold-up bike is an example of this- unfortunately the colours are poor but hopefully you’ll get the general idea…

Ashley Benson-Wilson is the 3D technician who also was a star in helping with perparation for exhibitions- making shelves, plinths etc- so it’s wonderful to see his work, so tactile and exciting.  Unfortunately my photographs of Matt Frederick’s subtle photos were too poor to put up, but you’ll just have to go and see the exhibition in order to appreciate them.

Emma Evans has 7 illustrations in the exhibition- whimsical, detailed and colourful, it’s easy to imagine them on the pages of a quality magazine or in a book.  Paul Muncaster exhibits a marquette which is so perfectly executed it is a pleasure to look at it. His drawing, in pencil, is equally precise and full of clarity.

We are used to seeing Mark Unsworth’s lively and bold posters advertising the Exposed Club (contemporary and experimental music) but to see the originals in a glorious  exuberance of colour (not at all apparent in the photos) is wonderful. I’d go to see the exhibition just to enjoy these- so uplifting.

I’ve never met the textile and fashion technician, Jamilla Ives, but her tweet jackets were stunning in simplicity and cut. I loved the muted colours and the sophistication of them.

This is not a large exhibition, but if you’re passing by, or in Cheltenham before the end of the week, it’s definitely worth taking a look.  The gallery and Hardwick Campus is quiet at this time of year, so many of the students have gone home, so you may even get a parking space!









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