Fundraising for Kirongo Primary School, Busamaga, Uganda

As some of you who follow what I get up to know, I’m involved with a charity, SHAPE- which works in rural Uganda to promote health and education. Recently two of the committee went out to be at the official opening of the health centre we raised the money for and had project managed by a local builder, Charlie Smith, who comes from Cheltenham, but does lots of charity work in Africa. This is the first time we have done a project like this; until now we had raised money to purchase anti-malarial bednets and train the local people to use them correctly.

We are continuing to raise money to ensure the health centre is kitted out to a suitable standard. We have appointed a local person to be our representative on the management committee and one of the trustees is hoping to go out to visit some time later this year. The local health authority in Uganda will take over the day to day funding for running the health centre in August (lots of red tape like we have here…) but we will continue to raise money for health provision that goes above what would be provided.


In the meantime, Shan and Julie also visited the local primary school in Busamaga. You will be able to see from the photos that Shan took, that it is primitive- for instance, you can see the girls toilets are basic and lack privacy.

Conditions are no better inside and the school desperately needs funds for basic materials to teach the children. The only way out of poverty wherever you are in the world is through education and these people want to be educated but do not have the resources.

I would like to see if those who read my blog could donate a small amount so that we can raise the funds for the list of items they so desperately need. To donate go to the link on just giving.


list of items needed: please click on link-


Kirongo Primary School 8Dec15



the girls’ toilets
Isaac and Moses, who looked after our SHAPE reps, Julie and Shan on their fact finding trip and for the opening of the health centre. Some of the children who live in the area, who attend the school
Julie, outside the school


Thanks for reading this and for your support!



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