Trainspotting @ the Lo-Co Club

Saturday night was one to remember. Travelling from Bridgend to Bristol Templemeads by train, the locals, blokes tanked up already on beer, women wearing as little as they could get away with, loaded onto the train to spew out at Cardiff for a night out….

Then the train was quiet. And we gently rolled in to Brunel’s masterpiece of a station, the sun shining brightly and low in the sky on the brick and golden limestone round the station, a true temple to travel.

Trainspotting has been sent on tour by The Kings Head theatre, one of my favourite pub theatres, ever….I usually see opera there but am open to trying most things! The front row, being truly immersed is my speciality, but Trainspotting at the Lo-Co Club, under the arches at the station, dark, sanguine red and black, fairy lights and stage lights, a faint joss stick aroma, is another place again- and perfect for staging this raw, visceral and messy production. Don’t go in your best outfit- there’s a chance you might get beer, shit, or something worse on it (not real shit, I’m sure, but messy enough!)

If you are a bit of a prude best to avoid as well…. constant swearing, lots of nudity, and the harsh realities of drug addiction are confronted with no space for insecurity. And if you’re not into strobes and the lights of a 90s nightclub perhaps best to avoid. And if you don’t like your actors coming up close and personal you might be a little embarrassed.

Needless to say, I loved it. Found it hard to tune in to some tough accents to begin with (but then that’s ok, all part of the alienation process) but once I got used to it, I was there with them as they fought heroin addiction, alcohol, domestic violence, aggression and everything else between.

The acting was supreme- this was a true ensemble piece with everyone working flat out all the time- hardly any time for rest between totally physically and emotionally exhausting close up performances. And after the 7pm showing they were doing it all again….

It’s running at The Lo-Co Club until 23rd April so if I haven’t put you off, you really should go!




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