Where the shadows are so deep

This exhibition at the Curve gallery at the Barbican Centre showcases the exquisite work of the artist, Imran Qureshi,a  painter from Pakistan who specialises in the traditional miniature style of painting with a modern twist.

Using the shape of the Curve as inspiration for this exhibition, or rather installation, the paintings, hung at different heights and commencing with landscape and nature paintings, gradually become darker as they penetrate the darkness of the inner sanctum of the gallery space.

Images become violent, bloodied and the paintings on the walls and floors,the splashed drips falling through the darkness and the splatters of paint on some of the framed art works,suggest something dangerous and terrible hidden in the blanket of darkness.

The parts of the installation painted directly  onto the walls and floors could be flowers, buds opening, but have the movement of Leonardo’s  drawings of water and you know they will be washed away at the end of the exhibition. There is something deeply mournful and uncomfortable about them.

I was so moved by the whole experience. The lighting is perfect-you can always see the amazing detail of the paintings themselves but as you explore further into the space the pressure of darkness thrusts down on you, forcing you further in, not knowing what you will discover next.

Powerful, beautiful, fragile, ephemeral and stylistically something very different. A definite go see show and even better, it’s  free!




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