Party time in Manchester


After a fascinating and inspirational day at the Lapidus conference (and I discovered it is an acronym not something deep to do with stones and rocks…..the Association of Literary Arts for Personal Development and…..something I forgot to scribble down) I drove over to Manchester.

I’d only visited the city for the first time in February when I spent a few hours at the Whitworth but I’m already smitten. But then it doesn’t take a lot for me to love a city. The more old and new, regeneration and dereliction, shiny glass clad offices and converted industrial mills and factories,Victorian reliefs and classical columns and the de rigor cranes thrusting into the sky the happier I feel! And there’s a lot of all of that here.

And tonight I was in an even better mood.

Filter Theatre’s version/adaptation of Twelfth Night at HOME in Manchester is a fabulous party mix of tequila shots and crisp packets, pizza and beer, silly games, excellent live music, totally drunken hedonism and infatuated love with a dash of Calvinist gloom and mourning clashing with anarchy (thanks to Olivia’s instructions to her out of control household, only broken by her lust for “Cesario”)

I particularly enjoyed the way that actors played more than one part- Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Orsino, Feste and Maria and most wittily and cleverly directed, Viola and Sebastian gave a tautness and strong sense of ensemble.

This show is going on tour so try to catch it if you can. Definitely not suitable for purists or puritans but for a great evening out (its 90 minutes with no interval so not a late night) it’s well worth seeing.



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