PREFAB-Lab @Fringe Arts Bath

The PREFAB-Lab curated by Elaine Fisher and Lucy Gresley has already been experimenting at Fringe Arts Bath since 28th May. However today the new intake of scientists arrived, including me. We include sound, movement, and verbal artists, so hope to challenge those who come in and examine what we’re up to.

Based on the lower ground floor of Milsom Place, off Milsom Street in Bath (very trendy, Carluccios, Jamies, some other eating places… a rather nice artisan cafe and lots of other (overpriced but rather gorgeous) shops are our neighbours) we are embedded in an old hairdressers’ salon. Now stark lab white with sub grey details, shelves of disposable gloves, shoes covers, face masks and goggles, meds (in the form of smarties) test tubes, and clip-boards await you. The scientists in their white lab coats are happy to explain what they’re up to and the experimental lab is open 11am-5pm tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. The exhibition of work will be next week.

Come and examine, complete graphs, answer questionnaires, and help us work out what it is to be an artist. Yes, it’s fun, it’s a giggle, you can dress up and have a laugh, but underlying it is a serious question.  What do artists do? Do we have protocols, how do we research, how do we make decisions, how do we decide what “works” and what doesn’t? We’d love to know your views as well so please do come and talk to us (well at least to this artist who will want to know all about your first job as part of her research practice.)

More to follow tomorrow when I start installing my piece. Today was typing and interviewing. I’ll continue interviewing over the duration of the Lab so stories can continue to be added to the piece.


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