A quiet evening

Sometimes you just have to do stuff that isn’t the height of artistic expression, risk taking or even very exciting. But it can still turn out to be good. Last night my friend Caroline and I spent a good 2+hours preparing my students’ art work for an exhibition at Woodruffs Café  which opens at the weekend.

I’ve always said put art in a frame and it changes the relationship between you and it and never was this more so than last night. Work in many styles and using a variety of media, often by those who have never or rarely made art before, suddenly has weight and respect. The framing is only a proportion of the work- Friday evening will be a frantic hang: trying to get the right pictures in the right place in 3/4 hour is not going to be easy.unfortunately I don’t have the remarkable eye of my former tutor, Andrew Bick,  at University of Gloucestershire, who has the ability to hang work to the millimetre perfectly.  But I will be so proud of what they’ve all achieved since September.

And to celebrate our hard work Caroline  and I went to No 23 in Nelson Street Stroud. A bistro/bar serving tapas, they were in the process of cleaning up and closing but invited us in and served the most beautifully presented cheese board and delicious spiced  roasted almonds on the mini terrace. When it finally became dark and the lights of the houses on the hills round Stroud shone out we could just imagine the wine dark sea below  and pretend we were in Spain, Italy…..one of the factories even had a bright light that we decided was the lighthouse overlooking the bay…. red fleecy blankets kept the chill off and rope lights, golden, wrapped round the balcony added to the

illusion of summer warmth. Amazing what your imagination can do….



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