Traces- poetry in the horsebox (until Saturday 16th July)

(photo credit top row Winston Plowes)

Traces: (noun) a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or
passing of something.

“Holmes and Plowes have spent too many nights in hotel rooms and holiday
cottages with spotless beige carpets worrying about the stains or traces they
might leave behind. The idea for ‘Traces’, a mixed media art/poetry exhibition,
emerged from this stain-angst.
‘Traces’ will explore the realms of stains, echoes, footprints, fingerprints,
shadows, indentations – the subtle or blatant traces of a presence, the things
that we inevitably leave behind. Each trace, each stain hosts a narrative. In
‘Traces’ Holmes and Plowes will present these narratives as forensic stanzas
accompanied by an installation which will correlate with the texts and provide
a visceral and visual element to the work.”

It is fantastic to have Winston and Gaia as the first poets in residence at The Gallery at the End of the Lane, which as most of you will already know, is a converted horsebox, that I created one summer holiday while studying art. Under instructions to create something out of a box, I went to my usual extreme, excess being my middle name, and roped in some college friends to create the most remote pop-up gallery in Gloucestershire.

I’m always interested in hearing from artists who would like to spend time in this magical place- there is something about a confined space that can be transformational- so if you have an idea for a project, please do contact me!

Winston and Gaia will be here until Saturday morning, so please do come and visit, find out what they’re up to- writing poetry inspired by the things that get left behind. The exhibition is particularly lovely at night, when the fairy lights illuminate the detritus of life, turning it from rubbish to rubies.




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