horsebox residencies

This is just a plug for the newly refurbished horsebox aka gallery, residency space- you choose.

It was so much fun, so interesting, so stimulating having guests stay and use the space to such effect- Winston Plowes and Gaia Holmes produced remarkable poetry from the traces, the detritus, the remains of their travels here which I will confess I haven’t taken down yet, as I love having it in the box and returning to look at it. It is fair to say they really enjoyed the experience and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting them, so I am going to encourage everyone I know who might be looking for somewhere different to work for a short time, to come and stay! There’s a caravan t0 doss down in, access to the bathroom etc and a lovely view.

I’m not planning on it staying here indefinitely, as I’m actively looking to move to Stroud, but after Winston and Gaia’s visit, I’ve realised that the horsebox  (and caravan!) has to come too, and I’m going to continue the project wherever I am. So please do book a date, for this summer  or early autumn or perhaps next year. If you’re willing to take the risk with the weather, the winter can be good- or very soggy!  You might get roped into stripping walls at the same time but I’m sure I can trade in home made cake and real coffee….


fairy lights


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