Woodruffs student exhibition continues

The exhibition continues for another couple of weeks so please do go and take a look, and perhaps buy one to brighten your home!

And if you’d like to join the group and have a go experimenting with media, with techniques and enjoy playing, making art and sharing a supportive environment, then please do come along to our Friday morning art sessions. It’s nothing to do with thinking you are or are not artistic- we are all creative beings and it’s a question of digging down and rediscovering that artist in you that was there when you were a child. Picasso knew what he was talking about when he said we are all born artists. Sessions run from 10-12.30 most Fridays and as the studio isn’t enormous, please do let me know if you’re coming, so I know I have room for you all. ¬£8/session.

the next session will be this Friday, 5th August.


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