what’s happening

To those of you who hang on every word I write (all 3 of you, on a good day, I suspect) sorry I’ve been a little tardy recently.

Hoping to buy a house- a mix of probably Georgian and Victorian, a bit of a project, but very exciting. It’ll mean a move to Stroud, so I and the boys will be able to cut down on car miles- and Michael will be able to roll out of bed into school, if it goes through! I’ve been house hunting for a while and till now not managed to find the right place at the right price, so let’s hope this one is a goodie. It’s tricky trying to find somewhere that I can teach piano from- so not disturb the neighbours, somewhere for students to park, enough space to not have to take over the living room with pianos and music…. And that is good for getting into town, most importantly, to the station, and for the school/school bus.

Warning :there will definitely need to be a housewarming /stripping the walls/carpets party.

And in the meantime, despite it being the holiday season, I’ve been busy teaching music and art, and looking for inspiration.

Rubbed down the pink side table  from the set of three I’m doing for a good friend, today, and another coat of teal green on the largest one. It’ll be painting the decoration next- the most exciting bit of doing up furniture. I’ll be taking inspiration from some Poole pottery. with  beautiful floral designs. Note how the pink is an exact match!



Today’s comes from a lovely little bistro in Stroud that I’d walked past so many times, and never gone into (but then there are an awful lots of places in Stroud I’m yet to discover)

I even managed to get the contact details of the guy who made these fabulous shelves from the lovely owner who went to the trouble of ringing to check the number he had was up to

date! I’m thinking my ever increasing collection of books, and my vintage ceramics, and cookware -somewhere I have some lovely Tala madeleine moulds I bought in a little junk shop in Cornwall years ago- they’d look brilliant!


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