Stroud Art

I visited the Subscription Rooms today to pick up tickets for Thursday’s ‘Bernard & Beatrice’s complete guide to modern art’ on at the Imperial Hotel near Stroud train station. First performed at the V&A, this should be an entertaining  and irreverent flying broomstick of a trip through contemporary art and how we got there, via Duchamp’s urinal and Damian’s cow.

So I decided to pop into the gallery and discovered Hannah Ferguson’s exhibition, “Between the Lines”. She uses a hollow ball filled with black acrylic paint to make random marks on paper or canvas and then turns them into paintings or leaves them as visual poetry. Personally I go for the black and white poems but can see the attraction of the coloured works which often have gold copper or silver leaf added for extra textual detail. I had a good chat with her about her work which is always an added bonus. Definitely worth seeing and you may just come away with a very livable with piece of contemporary art!

Having been away from town for a while, I’d missed reading about another exhibition on at present in the ex Millets shop on the corner of Kendrick Street. Unfortunately  only open on Fridays and Saturdays and by appointment, Adam White’s “Unlikely things happen all the time”,gazed at though plate glass windows and door is an extraordinary exploration of real and imagined finds, fossils and amber, glass, resin and perhaps ceramic, and remarkable enormous watercolour and mixed media (from what I could tell…) images. I won’t have time to be able to go and see them up close but even through the window the exhibition looked fascinating and exciting. I always like seeing work that experiments with media and concepts and this does both in ample proportions.


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