South Preston Street

This is an an Edinburgh side street that links Causewayside to Newington. I was dawdling along it today as it was the last bit of proper flaneuring I had time for on this trip.

Just look beyond the Victorian tenements and there are lots of fascinating details that give away all kinds of clues about the area.

Here are a few:

And not far away more delights-travelling out of town down past the University:

And this morning I wandered round Stockbridge and the area round the Scottish  national gallery of modern art. (BTW fantastic exhibition on at present on surrealism -I strongly recommend you go if you’re interested in art)

I loved the Edinburgh take on a Scottish castle for a primary school-children have already gone back  to school here. And the old Salvation Army building in its militaristic red  brick practically next door. And then a slice of the backend of work-industrial units tucked behind a thoroughfare- yet I was as usual drawn to them and the stark warning.





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