behind the times

I’ve not been blogging the last six weeks as it’s been a hectic, stressful but ultimately amazing time of producing my graduation show at University of Gloucestershire. Today, I found out it was all worth while, as I got a distinction for the final show (see page about the show for more information)

Some of you will know that I’ve been writing since the end of last year, beginning with the series of poems called Fish Incidents, which became an integral part of my dissertation.

“But perhaps we do not need a generation of young artists converting exhibition spaces into semi-casual, make-believe dinner parties, living rooms, cafés, stores, bars and lounges etc., to remind us that aesthetic experience is deeply and always already part of everyday social and political realities (Miwon Kwon, 2004, Feast p13))

Can the everyday be art?”

Since then, I have written a number of pieces about migration, being isolated,  being in exile, matters that I also explore through my mixed media installations, food created for events,  soundscapes, which include  my reading of the poetry I have written, interviews, music improvised by me, songs and piano music sung by myself and others, and other music that is directed by me as well as encouraging further participation through dance. These became the basis of the final show ( the map is not the territory)

Now it is all over, what next?

I’m already starting to sketch out ideas for a series of poems, that continue with the concept of isolation through parallel lines, in reality (train tracks, roads, fences) and more conceptually, (the disjunct between people’s lives, even when they believe they cross boundaries and reach into each other’s territory)

Even sitting in a cafe this morning with my essential double espresso, (my cafe solo Beyond the Sea playing in the background, watching others having late breakfasts, or wandering in for a mid morning drink after a hard hour of shopping, that gap, that space between the tracks was all too obvious. So I had to write…. It doesn’t take much to find fascinating things to notice about the human condition.

I’m planning some musical events as well- participatory ones, including a piano festival to take place next year, to encourage everyone to share, perform and recieve positive feedback and criticism to improve their playing, whatever their age or ability. I plan to organise a micromusical in my younger son’s primary school as well, where all children will either sing or play an instrument and for as many parents and carers to get involved too, playing, helping with costumes etc. I want the students to learn the songs in a very short time- intensive and fun- and hopefully to inspire everyone to see how creativity is an essential part of all our lives.

Officially I’m having a “gap year”- which means watch this space, we’ll see what happens next!


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