Birmingham 2- Smethwick

The old Sandwell College was very tempting to try to get into- I could see one cable tie was all that might stop me from climbing in past the “protective”fencing, but was restrained by my colleague… photos that I’d seen of the inside of this old art school look stunning. It is very sad to know in one’s bones as you look slow death of a remarkable building,  that the workmanship, the craftsmanship and design will all be obliterated.

Next door is the old chapel, boarded up, paint peeling and surrounded by old furniture and bent municipal fencing. Rather post-apocalyptic.

The canal has a beauty of its own- and the contrast of tranquil stretches of water with crumbling desolation and some very suspicious looks and questions from some of the locals while wandering, make this a fascinating and invigorating area to explore.