community projects

Community Music Projects:

Whole school micro-musical

I’m working on a project to get the whole of a local primary school, including teachers and parents, involved a a performance of a micro-musical. Anyone who can play a few notes on an instrument can be part of the band, and I’m going to teach everyone in every class the songs. We’re going to learn it all in January 2016, so it’s going to be fun and full on.

Coaley Piano Festival May 2016

I want to give all children and adults the opportunity to perform in a safe, encouraging environment, and to have advice from some really knowledgable and enlightened musicians. So I’m organising a Piano Festival at our village hall, for next May, when all ages can attend, can play and get that buzz that is making art, creating a performance. All music played must be from current ABRSM, Trinity or London College of Music examination repertoire, but other than that, there will be few rules. Obviously this is early days, but if you know anyone or any organisation who can help with sponsorship, food and drink to sustain everyone, and so on, please contact me. Our first judge is already in place: Nikhil Dally read music at Cambridge, followed by a postgraduate course at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He studied gamelan in Indonesia and is an expert in teaching it. He is very highly regarded for his knowledge and expertise in early years music education, having run many courses and written articles on the subject in music journals. He is in great demand as a music educator for those working with younger children including training many teachers. We are delighted he will be joining us.


Community Art Projects:

Preserved – a collaboration in a jam jar.

Ongoing project. Fill a jar with the detritus (non degradable) of your daily life and let me have it to seal in resin for a continuing project. I hope to exhibit the jars at a future date.

Meditative Drawing workshops

regular sessions based at Studio 5 Trixter House, London Road, Stroud

Take time out from the frantic pace of life to use mark making to find ways of calming your mind and giving yourself time to relax and breathe. We start with very small pieces and just black fibre tipped pens. Eventually you’ll feel ready to explore larger scale, colour, texture and try skills such as drawing without looking at the paper and using simple rules to chose colours and so on. You’ll feel ready to try acrylic paints, pastels, water colours etc. You will be amazed at what you produce, and how relaxed you feel at the end of a session .£8/session or 4 for £28.00 Sometimes we will use other more expensive materials, such as clay, in which case there will be a small charge for materials.

meditative drawingflyer

Dursley Festival   27 June 2015  9.30-3.30 above covered market in Dursley

Clocking Off


exhibition and community workshop. Photographs of the demolition of the Lister Petter factory site, and participatory art project based round people’s memories of working there

Record your thoughts and feeling about the closure and demolition of this factory which employed so many people in Dursley. Write about your ideas for what should happen in Dursley in the future, for employment, housing and other important issues for you. No drawing required! You will use felt pens etc to write your ideas down on photocopies of the photographs on display, the photocopies which will make an art piece to be shown at a future date.

However, if you want to draw as well, there will be a doodling corner set up where you can destress with a piece of flapjack and coloured pencils and pens!

The Gallery at the End of the Lane 20-21 June 2015

Look into the Mirror

bring your old make- up and draw, scribble, doodle to your heart’s content on the gallery walls which will be lined with paper. There will be some marked out areas for people who don’t want to have to make that initial mark of commitment! Young and old, this is not about the perfect drawing, it’s about having fun, using stuff that would normally be thrown away in the bin. Think of all the beautiful colours of eye shadow, lip gloss and nail varnish…. A photographic record of the work will be made and the original may be exhibited later in the year.  Tea and cake will be for sale in the afternoons, but you’re welcome to turn up and just start work any time between 10am and 5pm on 20th and 21st June.11201164_676734255792764_6793236005748547175_n

This project was only meant to be a one weekend project but was so enjoyed and I had so many requests to keep it going, it stayed up and added to for 3 weeks. These are some of the images that were created by passers by, some of whom were walking the Cotswold Way, or just taking their dogs for a walk, some of my piano students and adult and younger friends who visited.

The outcome was beautiful and exciting- full of energy and life. At some point I may re-exhibit it, as all the paper sheets have been carefully preserved. These are some of the photographs I took,  the latest about 2/3 of the way through the project.

10462958_678735162259340_1836813093353558290_n 11542027_678735182259338_3825618384342814214_n 11535906_678783115587878_5589422971403192940_n 1511638_678783245587865_8444127587255630904_n 10369102_678783325587857_3419497136895482810_n 11220482_678783348921188_6477860898544327810_n 11536026_678783385587851_5217695283936778204_n 11426247_678783412254515_8046763860903843113_n 11262153_682743815191808_2938446247040321452_n 10407515_682743831858473_2754966985663071911_n 11026142_682743858525137_7268987479224842199_n 10370827_682743885191801_1228015314272557457_n



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