art workshops- that allow you time to play and explore

Workshops run regularly at Studio 5 as well as at other sites, including Studley near Redditch and in Bath.

Please see individual workshop details for times and prices.


Friday morning workshops times have been extended so they start at 10am and finish officially at 12 noon, which means as long as you’ve cleared up, you can continue until 12.30! The price will be £8 per session to include materials and tea and home made cake/biscuits.

If the weather is dry-ish, we may use some of the time to go outside to explore and draw, collect things, make marks on the landscape, so please do bring a waterproof, and if necessary, hat, gloves, walking footwear!

Please let me know if you plan to attend as there is limited space in the studio!

If you would like me to run a workshop at your home or elsewhere, please do ask, as it’s a very sociable, supportive environment so would be relaxing creative experience for you and your friends!

big painting workshop 1
big painting workshop 1






Amazing work produced at Big Painting 11061202_705152082950981_6962015453557023579_nworkshop 1- for children and carers over the summer holidays.  We talked about colour mixing and how even reds, blues and yellows can have warm as well as cool shades, and how colours jump and pop or blend depending on how they react to each other. We looked as examples in pieces of patterned fabric to get an idea of what each artist found appealing.

Using decorators’ brushes, big sheets of paper, artists quality acrylics, fingers and any other tools students could find, they each produced something unique and very exciting.


Friday morning workshops at Studio 5 Trixter Studios

time to rediscover your creativity and your ability to play and explore in art

My Friday morning sessions, run almost every week at Studio 5 Trixter House, Stroud, always include some doodling as a way of de-stressing. It’s always remarkable how beautiful the mark making can be. This article published by Cloth Paper Scissors, an American journal, sums up the reasons for doing it (and then colouring your work!) Of course, you could go down to your local supermarket and buy an adults’ colouring book, but so much nicer to doodle your own work and then colour that!

11665681_681723265293863_1134666680406779515_n 1374065_681723325293857_8793819602873463548_n 11667285_681723398627183_1662231418191588519_n 11227395_682164225249767_2426167091016222887_n 11698539_683325018467021_3093011928679178634_n 11051785_691593760973480_8682609391953920116_n 11737911_691593797640143_8728312407472484433_n 11403068_691593890973467_8505345721404744081_n 11042680_691593854306804_5581009066123474430_n

Drawings and monoprints by students and Catherine at meditative art workshops

There’s always time to relax over a cup of tea or coffee and home made biscuits and flapjacks!


Johanna Basford on the Appeal of Coloring Books for Adults:

“First, coloring is a great way to de-stress. That notion of being ‘in flow’ and completely absorbed in a task–particularly an analog task that doesn’t involve a screen–is so soothing. Everyone’s lives are so busy and so digital, I think coloring offers a welcome opportunity to unplug and allow yourself to be completely immersed in a task without the constant chatter of social media. This is how I feel when I’m drawing–blissfully submerged!
Discover more art at

Detail from the intricate cover of Johanna’s Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

“Second, I think everyone has a creative spark, and they need the opportunity and encouragement to allow it to flourish. An empty sheet of paper can be daunting, but a coloring book offers a gentle buffer to those with blank canvas anxiety! I think of my books as a collaboration. I draw the outlines, and the owner of the book brings the color. There’s no need to worry about composition or layout, only color palette.

“And finally, there’s the nostalgia factor. Chances are people didn’t have a mortgage, a mean boss, or financial worries the last time they sat down and colored. Coloring books for adults give hard-working grownups the opportunity to play and to indulge in an activity that likely reminds them of more carefree days.”

Big Painting workshop II

big painting II
big painting II

11891048_711918065607716_3172919583076714784_n 11902578_711918032274386_4704026137184748702_n 11903764_711918375607685_5704702688859332127_n 11921691_711918325607690_3347908756254938873_n 11951290_711918562274333_5363600598524194748_n 11951360_711918222274367_8049112856363954382_n 11954588_711918272274362_3177756392823803742_n 11959982_711918145607708_8262132343260962879_n

Big Painting II workshop could have been a follow on from BP1 but as different students attended (it being the holiday season) we had fun either choosing to use a pink grapefruit, a yellow grapefruit, a lemon, an orange and a red onion as a starting point for colour, design, or not…. As you can see another set of bold experimental pieces came out of it. Students enjoyed using the printing rollers as tools, as well as charcoal and acrylic paint again. Can’t wait for our next sessions!









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