art workshops, family workshops

  • weekly art workshops @ Studio 5 Trixter House London Road Stroud
  • workshops in Bath
  • workshops in Studley at Artists Workhouse
  • mandala workshops
  • family art and craft workshops during school holidays



Meditative art workshops 10-12.30pm Fridays @Studio5 Trixter House Stroud

Friday morning workshops continue at Studio 5 in Stroud. These classes use intuitive and relaxed techniques, often include taking a short stroll along the canal for inspiration, and your choice of mixed media. Classes start at 10am and you may stay until 12.30. Materials and snacks provided, £8 per session. Maximum 8 places per session so it is recommended that you book.

Next dates are:

22 April

29 April Please note changed time. 1pm-3pm.

6 May

13 May


New for 2016:

Summer Mandala workshop  Thursday 30 June 10-12 noon GL11 community hub

Spring Mandala workshop Thursday 10 March 10-12 noon GL11 community hub

New Year Mandala workshop Sunday 17th January 10-12 noon @ Studio 5

Give some thought to your hopes for 2016 and have fun making a mandala to represent your plans and help you focus. The session will begin with a short meditation to help us on our way, and then we will collage (and paint if you wish) our personal mandalas. Please don’t wear smart clothes as you may get gluey!

only 8 places available so if you wish to attend please book and pay for your place by 14trh January.

£10 including all materials and snacks


Intuitive art workshop Sunday 24th January 11-1pm in Bath

Experiment with collage and paint, pastels and watercolour crayons and pencils, build up and layer to create a beautiful intuitively inspired piece of art.

only 12 places available so please book and pay for your place by 18th January.

£10 including all  materials and snacks.









On 11 September,the workshop’s premise was that you can take a small piece of decorative paper and create a piece of art from it. Tear or cut it up, develop colours, concepts, shapes… see where the paper and your imagination take you….

On 9 October the participants worked using contour drawing as the starting point (only looking at the objects and not at the paper and pencil,drawing with a light touch, linking eye and hand, avoiding “analysing” and making assumptions about what was seen.

The results, as can be seen below, were beautiful, sensitive, surprising and set those up who had done some work like this the previous workshop, to start painting based on the drawings, not the objects.

Very exciting, unpredictable and most importantly, self generated, individual responses.

The half term workshop took place at a participant’s house, so that those young people in wheelchairs could access the workshop as well. (Unfortunately my studio is up a narrow flight of stairs- great views, not so good if you can’t get up them..)

We had fun mono- printing and painting up old drum skins- basically I showed everyone what could be done, made suggestions and off they went!

A great quote from Helen and Rory today:

” thanks for another fab session. Rory and I both really enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet all the adults and kids. We now have our artwork on display in our hall!

” I love coming to Catherine’s workshops as the art activities are inspirational but not overly directed, and so there is a real freedom to experiment- yet Catherine is right on hand for advice, support and enthusiasm!





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