performance Bus Stop-PAXP-deijE In June 2015 Catherine was kept busy,  performing  at  Perfect Day at No.4a Malvern , as well as organising the community art project, Look into the Mirror, which took place over the weekend of 20-21st June at The Gallery at the End of the Lane.

The launch event at No.4a was on 24th June at 6pm. . Perfect Day reflected the social and environmental aspects of the spa town of Malvern. being a  group exhibition by 7students of the MA in Fine Art at University of Gloucestershire.

Catherine’s work included a performance of poetry written especially for the event, and food being served.Perfect Day poster-1





to see video of spoken composition, Bus Stop.



Malvern food- asparagus & apple to tempt you. What can be better than art you can eat?


10400003_680940708705452_3406110569106035466_n 10537436_680940855372104_8165597283232937710_n 10641218_680940735372116_9147633815529741044_n 11014861_680940605372129_3503256633912894247_n 11061665_680940642038792_3105444045128249424_n 11248873_680940678705455_3630867473431516409_n 11425167_680940832038773_1170125166529171409_n Malvern food- asparagus & apple



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