13-19 July 2015 The Gallery at the End of the Lane

Linda Davies artist in Residence Shelter

celebration and bring your own picnic lunchtime 19 Julyflyer linda


June 2015 No4A Malvern group show

to include poetry reading and food performance

20-21 June 2015 The Gallery at the End of the Lane

(extended to 12 July 2015)

pop-up exhibition

Look into the Mirror
bring your old make up and have fun making a communal piece of art inside the gallery

June 2015 Dursley Festival

exhibition and participatory art workshop

May 2015 Interval MA show  Hardwick Gallery Cheltenham

to include poetry reading and food performance

June-July 2015 Solo exhibition  Woodruffs Cafe, Stroud

This exhibition has now been brought forward to February/March 2015

Spring 2015 Helena Freeman exhibition The Gallery at the End of the Lane

February/March 2015 Atkinson Gallery Street, Somerset

Held (glass and plaster, 2014) has been accepted as a piece in the postgraduate artists exhibition being held at the gallery, which is attached to Millfield School.

September 2014 onwards Preserved

viewing TBA

A collaborative project, preserving detritus of the quotidian in resin, in pickle and jam jars, crossing over into the everyday territory of women in the past, who recorded and preserved their recipes. Non artists are contributing their collections of detritus of the every day in jam jars.

2-5 October 2014 A Letter in Mind exhibition

Catherine has contributed an exhibit for this fund raising exhibition. Each piece is sold for £80 and the artist and his/her biography will only be revealed after purchase.

gallery@oxo Oxo Tower Wharf Bargehouse Street, South Bank London SE1 9PH

1-30 September Alison Kirby About making paths The Gallery at the End of the Lane Artist in residence

Exhibition dates TBC

31 May- 8 June University Chapel Francis Close Campus, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

10am-4pm daily

what remains   performance, and art pieces influenced by memorial after destruction

end of year group show for MA students (please note this is an assessment show, not final graduation show)

23 May- 7 June Art Playground The Brewery, Cheltenham

10am-4pm daily

Please DO touch the artwork

A group exhibition including an installation/art piece by Catherine Jones :

the tea party II.

“An interactive exhibition for all ages- artwork you can touch, read, eat or help create.”

2-16 May 2014 Dr Jenner’s House & Garden, Berkeley

Inspired by… Edward Jenner

Curated and exhibiting in an exhibition inspired by the many interests and scientific experiments this polymath explored. Further inspiration for this exhibition was my grandfather was a latter-day polymath, being an eminent biochemist, worked on anti cancer drugs and antibiotic research in the 1920s- 1950s, became an expert investor in the stock market in his retirement, was one of the few people naturalised British during the 2nd World War, because his brain was essential to the war effort, and he could not work for the War Office as a German, and all this from being a refugee with a few gold coins hidden in his boot heels…

If you are looking for somewhere to show your art, to have an opportunity to experiment or just to find somewhere quiet and tranquil to work, The Gallery at the End of the Lane is available for residencies and exhibitions of up to one month. Please contact Catherine Jones for more details.


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