keep out

The retelling of fictional histories, the psyche of place and abstraction of rituals are all explored in Catherine Jones’  situations, performances and art pieces. Surreal and uncanny images, the inspiration from her family’s history and her vivid dreams and nightmares and interest in many art forms provide a constant source of inspiration. Her writing is fundamental to her work- through use of text, poetry and performance- as a practising musician as well as writer and artist, who has a deep love of the theatrical, she aims through her work to both bring people together in a shared experience, and seek out a sense of the other, the magical, other possible realities.

Catherine’s work incorporates participation, through community projects, shared experiences and the use of food, social gathering and workshops.

If you would like Catherine to run a workshop, for adults, or children, or a family workshop, you can arrange for anything from an hour to a day’s workshop. There is room in the studio for about 8 people, but at your home or other sites, we can have larger groups.

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