doors opening?

As one project comes to an end, it would be easy to wallow, but looking forward is something I’ve always done. Since I was a teenager, I’ve always had ideas about what I wanted to do next, what new opportunities might raise their heads, so, as the Dursley Festival  Beginnings & Endings project starts to wrap up (just a little finalising to do) , and HUG performances in Bath are over, I’m making new plans.

In the next few months I hope to move the Gallery at the End of the Lane to its new site. I’d like people to apply to do residencies- artists, writers, poets, musicians, whoever might benefit from some special quiet time in a magical environment, and I can then apply for some funding perhaps to offer small bursaries…

You can read more about the experience of a residency here….

I’m in the early planning stage of my multiple choir project and am looking for good sites (with lots of concrete and echoes) for the performances to take place. And I’m making enquiries about another reminiscence project that might take place at my old university. And on top of that I’m busy writing, including work for the Needlemakers’ project which will take place at the end of October in Studley in an old needle factory, now artists’ studios.

And of course there are all my lovely piano and singing students, and people who come to art classes. So life is hardly dull….


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